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Run Tech & Run Fit

Both classes are instructed by Matty.

Run Tech – Saturday 9am – 9:45am

Everyone can run, but can you run well?

A large part of our training is teaching clients how to run with correct technique.

In doing this you can run with confidence, run faster, run longer, run using the correct muscle groups, and enjoy your running.

Our run tech is a technique class in a group setting that is designed to get everyone running. The class isn’t a class to improve your fitness, its a class to improve your technique. For each class you wont run any further than 4km, so come down and get your technique improved.

Run Fit – Monday  5:30pm – 6:30pm

Run Fit is all about improving fitness and strength for running. To improve your running technique you also need to increase your musculoskeletal strength to handle the impact forces of running (6 times your body weight). The main way to do this is to get out and enjoy some more running!

The class is structured to your fitness level so depending on your fitness Matty will prescribe certain distances,  times, pace and effort to improve your running strength and fitness.



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