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About Us

Both Craig and Martin have a huge amount of experience in the fitness industry. The main reason why Function Force was created by Craig and Martin was because they were both sick of the way the gym/fitness industry was going. So they decided to put their own stamp on the industry with Function Force!

Martin Fanning – Owner of Function Force

  • 9 years Personal Training
  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement
  • Advanced Weight lifting
  • Level 1 & 2 Kettlebells
  • Level 1 Boxing
  • 2009 Strength & Conditioning for Western Jets Football Club
  • 2010 Strength & Conditioning for Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club – Completed a Fatigue/Performance research
  • 2011 Started Function Force!

I’ve had a huge amount of experience at all levels of fitness. From elite athletes to the very beginners, I’ve worked with everyone. As apart of my studies and experience I’ve dealt with a large number of injury rehab clients. From knee/shoulder reco’s, back disc replacements, muscle strains and tears, ankle & foot breaks/strains. So when it comes to injuries there isn’t much I haven’t seen.  To create a balanced and strong body we are big on postural alignment whilst performing exercises. The reason why we do this is that muscle dysfunction creates injuries, so when we are under tension that’s when dysfunctions will become apparent and we can fix them.

My personal sporting experience is varied. I’ve competed at a high level in Cycling and running (sprinting), also competed in football, soccer, golf and tennis.

The best way I’ve been described as a trainer is a bit of a ‘mad scientist’ when it comes to the weights room. Im always continually learning, looking for new exercises, modifying old exercises and ‘breaking down’ exercises to explain it  in different parts. If you think you can’t do an exercise, its my job to explain/show it to you in a way that you can understand and perform it. Lastly there is no getting away with anything! When your in the gym with me it is time to work. We perform all exercises with correct technique and when the technique fails, we stop.


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